A recent market survey by a digital security firm has found that 49 percent of Android users worldwide would like to or are considering switching to Apple’s iPhone due to its superiority in security and privacy.

Beyond Identity is a digital security firm that provides passwordless identity management solutions; it conducted a survey and polled people regarding their mobile phone security habits and sentiments. The study’s findings show that 76 percent of Apple users feel more secure with iOS. Also, about 74 percent of Android users have the same perception and believe iOS is safer.

One key thing to note here is that the study mentions that Apple’s superiority is perceived.

The study also found that 20 percent of iCloud Keychain feel highly secure, while only 13 percent of Google’s Password Manager users feel safe. iCloud Keychain, for context, is Apple’s password manager.

Furthermore, 27 percent of Apple users feel extremely secure using iCloud, while only 22% of Google users feel safe using Google Drive.

Since newly-released operating systems come with improved security features, the survey shows that 33% of Android users are considering switching to the iPhone due to iOS 16 next month. One of the top security features coming to this OS is Lockdown Mode. Which helps users protect themselves against targeted cyber attacks by disabling multiple device features. Among everything Lockdown Mode changes, it also restricts web browsing.

The study reveals that iPhone users are more proactive about digital safety, as they’re more likely to choose a six-digit pin over a four-digit one to unlock their phone.

The study also found that neither Apple nor Android users were strangers to hacks and security breaches: 40 percent or more of both groups had experienced malware attacks or cyber scams. However, Apple once again had the advantage. More of their users reported never experiencing a security breach of any kind. And when breaches did happen, they were 20 percentage points more likely to fully recover the data they had lost compared to Android users.

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