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Withings makes India debut, launches new smart scales, watches for hospital-grade health tracking in homes

French health tech firm Withings has officially made its debut in India and is launching a range of advanced health monitoring devices for the Indian market. Renowned as the maker of the first connected smart scale, Withings is a well-established player in developing clinically validated, connected health solutions.

The flagship product leading Withings’ venture into the Indian market is the intelligent Scan Body scale. This innovative device goes beyond weight measurement, leveraging multiple sensors to evaluate comprehensive body composition metrics such as muscle mass and visceral fat levels.

Additionally, it can record a 6-lead electrocardiogram for detecting potential cardiac arrhythmias and assess nerve health through bioelectrical impedance analysis.

For consumers who wish to monitor their general health, Withings also offers the Body Smart Scale, which estimates body composition components like fat and muscle mass.

Withings is also getting involved in the wearables business in India and is launching the ScanWatch2 hybrid smartwatch in India.

Combining innovative fitness and sleep tracking features with robust medical-grade sensors, the ScanWatch2 can perform electrocardiogram and blood oxygen readings while monitoring skin temperature fluctuations.

For those seeking a more budget-friendly option, the ScanWatch Light offers many of the same advanced health sensors in a sleek analog watch design.

Withings’ expansion into the Indian market comes at a crucial juncture as the country grapples with an escalating cardiovascular health crisis. Research cited in the press release indicates that cardiovascular diseases affect Indians a decade earlier than their Western counterparts, with India accounting for 20 percent of worldwide deaths from such diseases. Furthermore, urban India faces a significant obesity challenge, with 70 percent of urban Indians classified as obese, ranking third globally in obesity prevalence.

Eric Carreel, president and founder of Withings, expressed the company’s commitment to democratizing access to transformative health technologies. Carreel emphasized Withings’ unique ability to capture real-life data seamlessly, citing the unmatched capability of their smartwatch to track clinical biomarkers with a 30-day battery life. “What makes us unique is our capacity to capture real-life data as seamlessly as it should. No other smartwatch on the market can track clinical biomarkers like ours, with a 30-day battery life. With the launch of our products and services in India, we are thrilled to provide those unique tools and insights to empower millions of individuals to lead healthier lives,” he said.

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