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Zoho to offer software, solutions free to NGOs, hospitals in light of COVID-19 crisis

Software product firm Zoho said it is giving its software and solutions free of cost to NGOs, hospitals, healthcare departments, and government institutions to help those working on COVID-19 relief management as the second wave of the pandemic ravages India.

The company offers a range of relief efforts that include funds collection, inventory management, volunteer and contact management, data collection, helpdesk and IVR solutions, live chats and chatbots, social media response management, video conferencing, data reporting, analysis, and custom low code applications.

The initiative is not limited to apps and platforms that are listed. They have extended assistance to managing documents, creating surveys, or building websites from the ground up.

The products are available at zero cost for three months and will be extended based on the organization’s needs. Once the crisis tides over, the organization’s account will remain active, but they will be moved from the ‘’free edition.’’

“After working with a few support groups and government institutions, we are taking another step by offering to build a solution for those working on Covid19 relief management,” Zoho’s VP-Markering Praval Singh said in a tweet.

In November 2019, Zoho founder Sridhar Vembu moved from Silicon Valley to a village in Tenkasi district in Tamil Nadu, which aimed to empower rural communities.

“There is a lot of latent talent in the world that is waiting for an opportunity,” said Sridhar Vembu, CEO and Co-founder, Zoho Corp, said in a recent statement.

Over the past year, Zoho has opened around 20 satellite offices in rural and non-urban areas worldwide, mostly in India. The Indian offices started to cater to the employees who wanted to continue working from their hometowns during the pandemic and are located in Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, and Bihar.

The company has traditionally stayed away from urban centers, believing that software can be built from anywhere. Zoho, valued at over a billion dollars, is completely bootstrapped.

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