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YouTube introduces annual plans for Premium and Music Premium in India

YouTube has introduced new annual plans for its premium services in India. Previously, your only options were to choose from a monthly or quarterly service in the country.

To sweeten the deal, Google is currently offering discounted rates on the subscriptions for a limited time, till January 23. You can nab a yearly subscription for YouTube Premium for Rs 1,159 and Rs 889 for YouTube Music Premium.

Google has so far not shared what the revised prices will be once the discount period ends. Monthly subscriptions for YouTube Premium start at Rs 129 a month, and the Family Plan, which allows for a joint account of five family members, costs Rs 189 a month.

Students can get monthly subscriptions starting at Rs 79 per month, but they must go through verification annually.

YouTube Music Premium monthly subscriptions start at Rs 99 per month, while family plans start at Rs 149 per month. Students can avail of monthly subscriptions at Rs 59 per month.

However, the annual subscription is limited to individual plans, which means both students and family sharing accounts will not opt for the subscription.

Users with an active plan can move to annual subscriptions by canceling their existing membership and signing up for a new one. Additionally, people who have signed up for the quarterly 3-month membership will be moved to the annual plan once it expires.

Currently, there are no plans for partial refunds, which means you will want to wait till your current plan expires and then sign up for an annual subscription.

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