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Spotify and Facebook have announced an integration that will allow users to access a new mini player from the social media app. This feature has been announced only for Spotify Premium subscribers. The users will also get to control their music without switching between apps. The feature will be available on both iOS and Android devices in the US and 26 other markets. The availability of the feature for Indian users has not been announced yet.

The new integration arrives as Spotify announces hikes in the prices of premium account in several regions worldwide.

1. Tap the “Play” button on the song which is shared with you by someone from Spotify to their Facebook News FeedHere’s how you can launch the mini-player:

  1. For first-time mini-player users, a dialog box opens that asks for the user’s consent to continue with the option. So, click “Connect” to continue.
  2. For users already using Spotify and have logged in to their accounts, the apps will automatically switch, and playback will start from the Spotify app

  3. The playlists will continue to play while you scroll down your News Feed. However, you will have to pause or dismiss the mini-player manually.

For free users, the ads will come directly from Spotify. However, Facebook will get to access only limited data about users taking up the integration, including subscription type and metrics, to assess the performance of the mini player.

Spotify has ensured that it won’t use its user-information base to target ads and ask its listeners to share data when they first start the player. Facebook has called its partnership with Spotify the “natural next step.”

The companies had made a deal in 2019 to allow Facebook to post short music clips from Spotify on its Stories. This recent announcement comes a week after Facebook revealed it was planning to add podcasts and live audio rooms to its set of features to rival Clubhouse, which is currently the fast-growing audio-based app.

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