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Xiaomi unveils SU7 EV, claims a range of 800KM, top speed of 265 kmph

Xiaomi, the Chinese tech company most known for its smartphones and home appliances in China, is finally foraying into EVs on a global stage. The Chinese tech giant has unveiled its first electric vehicle, the SU7 sedan, at the Mobile World Congress 2024 in Barcelona.

While the EV was initially introduced in China last December, its debut at MWC marks Xiaomi’s first global vehicle showcase.

At the event, we had the opportunity to examine the Aqua Blue SU7 up close, which undoubtedly made a striking impression. Drawing inspiration from supercars like the McLaren 720S, the sedan boasts aggressive headlights and LED accents, while the rear features sleek wraparound taillights connected by an LED strip, exuding a high-tech allure.

Higher trim levels will include an active rear wing and lidar sensors, accentuated by 19 and 20-inch wheels, imparting a sporty aesthetic.

Although the interior was concealed behind tinted windows, Xiaomi has previously revealed a minimalist cabin design centered around a large touchscreen devoid of console buttons.

The SU7 will offer a choice of battery packs, including a standard 73.6 kWh variant with a range of 668 km and a higher-end 101 kWh option delivering up to 800 km on a single charge with a top speed of 265 mph.

Customers can also select between rear-wheel drive with a 299 PS motor or a 673 PS dual-motor all-wheel drivetrain.

While Xiaomi has gained acclaim for its affordable smartphones and gadgets, the company aims to position the SU7 in the premium segment, challenging established players like Porsche. The success of this ambitious endeavor in the competitive Chinese market remains to be seen.

Xiaomi’s foray into electric vehicles follows its $10 billion investment announcement in 2021, reflecting its commitment to diversifying its product portfolio.

Packed with advanced features such as adaptive cruise control, parking assistance, entertainment screens, a 25-speaker system, and extensive connectivity options, the SU7 embodies Xiaomi’s technological prowess and innovation.

Although initial SU7 sales will commence in China, with deliveries slated to begin in the second quarter, the sedan showcased at MWC 2024 hints at potential future exports to global markets, including India.MWC 2024: Xiaomi unveils the SU7 EV and claims a range of 800 km and a top speed of 265 mph.

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