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Xiaomi, known for its smartphones and electronics appliances, has announced its first-ever robot called CyberDog. It is an experimental, open-source machine that developers can build upon. This new quadruped (four-footed) robot was introduced during the company’s recent launch event on Tuesday, 10 August. Along with this robot, other products like the flagship smartphone Xiaomi Mix 4, the 2021 line-up for Mi OLED smart TVs, and the new Mi Pad 5 tablet series were also revealed at the event.

During the online event, Xiaomi’s founder Lei Jun stated that the company aims to become global number one. “Our current task is to cement the number two position in the global market. We aim to become the global number one in three years,” Lei Jun made this statement at the company’s 10th anniversary.

On the unveiling of CyberDog, the founder described the robot as their first expedition into quadruped robotics for open source communities and developers across the world. Xiaomi spoke about the limitless possibilities they can explore with the new robot, giving further details on the robot.

Meanwhile, the Chinese company also plans to launch only 1,000 units of CyberDog at the initial stage. As per the cost, each of them will be priced at 9,999 Yuan (approximately Rs 1,14,000).

As per Xiaomi’s recent blog post, the CyberDog is ‘powerful, precise and agile. A vision sensor system allows the robot to analyze its surroundings in real-time, avoid obstacles, plot its destination, and create navigational maps. The best part about this invention is, it can identify human posture and face recognition.

The CyberDog is prepared and installed with 11 high-precision sensors that can provide instant feedback to guide its movements. Other features, including touch sensors, ultrasonic sensors, cameras, GPS modules, and many more, are added.

Powered with NVIDIA Jetson Xavie NX platform, the CyberDog’s brain is an AI supercomputer with 384 CUDA Cores, 48 Tensor Cores, a 6 Carmel ARM CPU.

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