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Won’t allow digital divide in India, women now more open to adopting new tech: PM Modi to Bill Gates

In a conversation on India’s digital transformation with Bill Gates, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said he won’t let the digital divide prevail in India. He also went on to say that the women of India, irrespective of socio-economic status, were enthusiastically adopting new technology.

“India is bringing in technology in a way that should make it available for everyone, lifting up those who need it the most,” said Gates.

“When I used to hear about the digital divide across the world, I had decided that I won’t let any such thing happen in India,” said PM Modi.

“Digital public infrastructure is a major requirement in itself. We want even the remotest village to have access to key technologies; they are a significant target group for us,” he added.

PM Modi then explained how women in rural India have embraced technology and are doing wonders. “Women are more open to adopting new technology in India. Whenever we develop tech aligned with their requirements, they are quick to respond and accept,” PM Modi explained, using Namo Drone Didi’s scheme.

“We started the ‘Namo Drone Didi’ scheme with two objectives. The first was to make three crore women from underprivileged families in India to make them lakhpati didi and help them earn Rs 1,00,000 annually,” he said

The second, he said, was to bring about a psychological change. “Women in rural India should not be limited to grazing or milking cows. I want to empower them by placing technology in their hands.”

“This is going on very successfully. I interact with them these days, and they are delighted. They say that they didn’t know how to ride a bicycle, but they are now pilots and can fly drones. The mindset has changed,” PM Modi went on to say.

I also spoke to many people from African countries about this. I told them that India is ready to help them because technology like this gives everyone equal opportunities. Democratizing everyone is the main point.

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