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WhatsApp recently introduced the disappearing messages function for users to send texts that are automatically deleted post-viewing. An extension to this feature is expected to be rolled out soon, which will provide customers more auto-delete options for enhanced usability.

New WhatsApp feature to launch soon

It is understood that WhatsApp users will soon choose an option that will automatically delete all messages that are more than 90 days old. This feature will be in addition to the two existing options, which include the choice to auto-delete messages after seven days and another one to auto-delete messages after 24 hours. Of course, users will also have the option to disable this feature.

The new feature has been spotted on WhatsApp for Android’s beta version It is suggested the feature is still under development and will soon be introduced for Android users. There’s no word on when it will be available to iPhone users.

WhatsApp recently introduced the disappearing messages feature that first came with the seven-day auto-delete option; later, a 24-hour option was added. This is a lot like how Snapchat works.

The feature can be enabled on WhatsApp with ease. Users can open any chat and enable the disappearing messages option. This can be done for groups too, but the admins have the power to decide who can enable this feature.

WhatsApp also launched the ‘View Once’ feature recently, allowing people to send photos and videos that will vanish once viewed. To enable the option, a user can open any chat, select a photo or video, select the ‘1’ option next to the chatbox to enable the view-once feature. This is another function that has seemingly been derived from Snapchat and also exists on Instagram.

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