Meta-owned Facebook continues to be one of the top choices for content creators. The social media giant hosts thousands of creators keen to ensure their content/product reaches the right audiences.

While other platforms like TikTok and YouTube have options you can use to pay your favorite creators; Facebook is not far behind. The idea behind Facebook Stars is to help content creators earn money. This feature can help deepen the bond between creators and followers. It also allows people to monetize their content and move towards a more-online oriented business strategy. The Stars feature is only available for some Pages in select regions.

How does Facebook Stars work?
Users can buy Stars from Facebook and send them to their favorite creators in the comment section. Creators are paid one cent for every Star they receive.

Followers can also type “!” in the comments field next to the content to enter the number of stars they want to give.

What creators need to do to enable Facebook Stars:

  • Go to the Creator Studio on Facebook and select the monetization option.
  • Read and accept the terms and conditions and set up a payout account by following the instructions.
  • Go to Stars under the Monetization feature and set it up.

Creators need to note that they can only enable Stars if their content complies with the Partner Monetization Policies of Facebook. Creators also need to keep in mind some additional points for monetized content. For example, they cannot use music unless they have specific rights to the same. Furthermore, according to Facebook, they must initially enable Stars on desktops rather than mobiles.

Other features:
Creators can earn Stars from Reels, live broadcasts, and on-demand videos. You can also set a Stars goal to help your followers contribute meaningfully. You can charge two types of Stars goals- Page-level and Video-level. These goals can offer incentives for followers, like exclusive behind-the-scenes video content, if they help the creator receive a certain number of Stars during a live broadcast.

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