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US-based CrossTower launches crypto trading platform in India

Global trading platforms and digital asset investment firm CrossTower on September 7 announced the launch of its crypto trading platform in India.

Ranked fourth out of 152 global exchanges by CryptoCompare, CrossTower offers its first 1,000 Indian customers an opportunity to earn extra Bitcoin up to Rs 500 on their first trade on the exchange as a part of its launch.

The firm claims it has built a business that permits everyone, from young adults to business tycoons, making investing in cryptocurrency the easiest and safest for India. It further claims that individuals in any village, town or city can start cryptocurrency trading on the trusted CrossTower platform using Indian rupees and access over 40 cryptocurrencies.

“In the last couple of years, India has seen a revolution in crypto-investing. The new generation of investors in India has welcomed cryptocurrencies as a tool for financial freedom. With advancements in technology, crypto markets have proven a key driver in the democratization of wealth. Our team’s unique combination of expertise will allow us to make investments in cryptocurrencies simple and accessible for any individual. CrossTower is also thrilled to participate in policy-making that will drive India to be a premier leader in the cryptocurrency industry on a global level,” CrossTower’s co-founder and Chief Executive Officer Kapil Rathi said.

Earlier in 2020, CrossTower first launched a multi-asset trading platform and has since expanded to include a capital markets desk with best-in-class services and products tailored to the needs of hedge funds, family offices, and other markets participants.

“With CrossTower, India will be one of the leading nations in the digitization of global capital markets. The Cryptocurrency and Regulation of Official Digital Currency Bill, 2021, is currently being reviewed and is slated for the next session of the Indian parliament. With India being the world’s largest democracy, this bill will play an important role in shaping the future of cryptocurrencies for the Indian community. CrossTower is excited to bring global education, a futuristic understanding of money, as well as the thrill of trading cryptocurrencies to India,” CrossTower India’s CEO Vikas Ahuja said.

Among other details, Ahuja further added that the firm facilitates policy that will enhance the development and innovation of finance while emphasizing the protection and safety of customers’ assets.

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