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Chromebook sales have gone up recently, making for a great opportunity for Unity to expand mobile games to a wider audience. Popular Android games running Unity’s engine include Pokemon GO and Crash Bandicoot: On the Run, both of which are amongst the top ten downloads in the United States. Unity recently announced its partnership with Google to bring tools to its game engine to improve Android gaming on Chrome OS.

Unity 2021.2 Beta is now available, giving game developers a chance to select features to optimize their games on a Chromebook.

The improvements include offering game developers solutions to the problematic keyboard, mouse, window management, and many more on Chrome OS. Unity’s engine also compiles games for 64-bit Chromebooks and ARM to ensure a smooth gaming experience for the players. As per the blog post, Unity may integrate these improvements into Unity 2020 LTS by the end of this year.

Chromebooks have helped Google’s platform get an edge over Windows and macOS since the demand for affordable, dependable PCs has grown by leaps and bounds during the pandemic. As sales continue to break records, publishers collaborate with Google to include their products in their ecosystem, including one of the biggest gaming platforms around.

With the latest development, Chrome OS may become a more attractive platform for publishers and game developers. It may bring about huge changes in the gaming industry as developers can benefit from Google’s annual sales growth. With an increase in customers choosing Chromebooks, Chrome OS could further set itself up as a better choice for everyone.

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