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Elon Musk had earlier announced that he would allow users to buy a verified badge, or the Twitter Blue Tick, for a fee of $20 a month. However, after several prominent users of Twitter who already had their accounts verified and had Twitter Blue Ticks pointed out that they would leave the platform if they were forced to pay for their verified badges, Musk announced that he would drop the price to $8 a month.

For Elon Musk, the verified user program is essential as one of his goals is to make Twitter a platform dominated by spam accounts and bots. He believes that the current verified accounts program or Twitter Blue Ticks needs to be overhauled for that to happen.


While posting on Twitter about his decision to price Twitter Blue Ticks at $8 a month, Elon Musk also revealed that the price for the verified badge would be based on the purchasing power parity or PPP of the country where the user is from. Someone based in the United States of America or any developed country will have to pay $8 a month. However, if a verified user is based out of an underdeveloped or developing country like Zimbabwe or India, where $8 a month is a lot, the pricing will be lower.

Elon Musk is not just offering a blue tick next to your name in your profile for the $8 a month or so he will charge. Instead, Twitter’s “new and temporary CEO” and “Complaint Hotline Operator” offer much more.

According to Musk, people with the verified badge or the Twitter Blue Tick will be given priority in replies, mentions & searches, which will be essential to beat spam/scam accounts. This means that a person with a verified account and a public figure will be given preferential treatment so that impostors with a similar name and profile picture cannot spam their way into mentions. People who are legitimate public figures can add a secondary tag to indicate that they indeed are public figures. This feature is already in use by some politicians, actors, and athletes.

Users with verified profiles and the Twitter Blue Tick will also get access to some niche features, such as the ability to post long video & audio content. They will also be shown about half as many ads as a non-paying user without Twitter Blue Tick.

Furthermore, Twitter will partner with a few publishing houses and allow users with Twitter Blue Tick to access content hidden behind a paywall. The focus will mainly be on articles for the time being, but this will be expanded to audio and video content in the future.


However, the most significant change will be for Twitter content creators. By charging $8 a month for Twitter’s Blue Tick privileges, the platform will be able to reward content creators who create content for the platform. Like Instagram and YouTube, Twitter is likely to become a platform for creators who post a wide variety of content.

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