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Popular caller ID app Truecaller has announced that the app is updating to Version 12. The new update comes with an all-new design and several new features like video caller ID, call recording, and more. Truecaller said the latest change comes with features that the community has been asking for. The new app comes with all features that Truecaller offers, including call alerts, call reason, full-screen caller ID, inbox cleaner, smart SMS, and more. Truecaller Version 12 will be launched for Android users initially in the coming weeks, but it is unknown when iOS users will roll out.

The new and redesigned Truecaller app (Version 12) comes with a redesigned interface, a call recording feature, support for 46 languages, a Ghost Call feature, and a Call Announce. “The power-packed features will be gradually rolled out for all Android users in India in the coming weeks and several other countries soon,” Truecaller said while making the announcement. Rishit Jhunjhunwala, Chief Product Officer and Managing Director for Truecaller India noted that Truecaller would continue to remain focused on user demands and meet them with innovative solutions and offerings. “All these new features will allow people to enjoy and exercise greater control over their communication, offering a safe, fun, and fulfilling experience at the same time,” Jhunjhunwala said.

Truecaller Version 12 will include a video caller ID feature that will allow users to set a short video that plays automatically when they call friends and family. Users can choose this video from a database within the app or record their own. This feature will be available for all Truecaller Android users. Further, the new interface brings tabs for calls and SMS. “With separate tabs, you can now get to all of your SMS, Truecaller Group Chats, and individual chats with just one tap,” the company said.

Call recording is another feature that Truecaller is introducing with Version 12 of the app. Initially available for premium customers, this feature will soon come to all Android users with the new app. This is an optional feature, and users can start recording with a single tap in either Full-Screen or Pop-Up Caller ID after the initial setup process.

There’s also a Ghost Call feature that helps users get out of sticky situations or play a harmless prank on friends. With Ghost Call, users can set any name, number, and photo to make it appear as if they are getting a call from that person. Users can also choose a person from their contacts for this. Ghost Call will only be available to Truecaller Premium and Gold subscribers.

Lastly, a new Call Announce feature will read out the name or the number of the person calling you. This works for saved contacts as well as for numbers identified by Truecaller.

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