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A growing number of Tesla owners are choosing to give up their stake in the electric car brand, either in the form of stocks, or their actual Tesla EVs,  because of the way Elon Musk has been acting out, especially regarding Twitter.

Elon Musk was formerly renowned for his forward-thinking and innovative attitude, but in recent months, his online image has taken a hit from a massive section of Twitter. Over the last couple of months, most of his fans feel that Musk has become more unpredictable and divisive. Numerous Tesla supporters are questioning their commitment to the company in light of his controversial and conspiracy theorist-like views and how his acquisition of Twitter played out.

One of Tesla’s earliest backers, Bob Perkowitz, among the first 2,000 people to reserve a Model S in 2009, is one such follower. He upgraded to a 2017 model and even started making plans to buy a 2022 version since he was so happy with the automobile. But Perkowitz changed his mind given the escalation of Musk’s antics on Twitter.

“Elon was an excellent reason to buy the car. He had a great brand. In a recent interview with Insider, he is not such a great brand anymore,” said Perkowitz.

It’s not just Perkowitz who feels this way. Tesla owner Alan Lasoff of California, who currently has a Model Y SUV on a lease, won’t renew his lease when it expires. “Musk’s hypocrisy” is the reason cited for his decision. With Musk’s behavior becoming increasingly controversial, many Tesla owners are beginning to question whether the brand’s association with its CEO is worth the headache.

The Insider described Alan Lasoff as stating, “He told everyone he’s purchasing Twitter because he wants it to be sort of apolitical, yet on the day of the election, he says you should vote for Republicans.” He is free to express his views, but genuinely I wouldn’t say I like the hypocrisy in individuals.

Elon Musk’s increasingly divisive actions have caused Tesla owners to question their brand commitment. Many customers are seeking alternatives, which is hurting the business. However, Tesla’s technology and innovation in electric vehicles continue to lead the market. Although it is unclear how much Musk’s antics will harm the business, it has a sizable fan following, and its objective is still vital.

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