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There can be no doubt that Elon Musk’s Tesla has been at the forefront of the electric vehicle revolution that we have witnessed in recent years. However, there have been numerous instances where the tech involved in Tesla’s Cars, namely its autopilot features, have put safety in question again.

A video has been doing the rounds on social media. A Tesla Model 3 in China is seen speeding uncontrollably, killing two school-going children, before finally stopping in a crash.

While initially it was assumed that the Model 3 was under some influence, local police authorities have confirmed that the driver was completely sober and had not taken any substance that would impair his abilities.

Instead, they are now focusing on the car itself.

Rumors soon started going around that the rogue Tesla Model 3 had faced some software glitch that made it act out this way.

Users who have keenly observed the CCTV footage of the moments leading up to the accident claim that the driver of the Tesla Model 3 tried to engage in auto parking when the system wholly glitched out, and the car took off running at tremendous speeds.

Because this theory hasn’t been corroborated by any official source investigating the matter, it should be taken with a massive grain of salt. However, Tesla in China has a history of issues with cars and their brakes.

According to information on Weibo, reported by CNEV Post, the vehicle drove in this high-speed state for 2.6 kilometers. During the last 1.4 kilometers, the car had a blown-out left front tire – causing the death of a motorcyclist and a high school girl on a bicycle.

As per the official incident report, the accident occurred in Chaozhou, Guangdong province, in southern China. A man was reportedly driving a Tesla car when the vehicle lost control and turned up the acceleration. The driver’s family claims the car’s brake failed, but Tesla denies the same. For about two kilometers, the vehicle continued to drive at high speeds. The car appears out of control, knocking down two bikes and two bicycles on the way, killing two children and injuring three other people.

The official report also says that the driver was tested for being under the influence of drugs and alcohol, but the possibility was ruled out. Now, the local traffic police are trying the vehicle.

Data taken from the car showed no proof the brake pedal had been applied before the crash, and video showed the brake lights remained off, the electric car maker said in a statement. Instead, the accelerator was heavily engaged in the lead-up to the accident, which killed a motorcyclist and high-school student on a bicycle. Tesla said it would “actively provide any necessary aid” to the local police probe, which may involve a third-party investigator.

While hundreds of people are estimated to die on China’s roads daily, crashes involving Teslas attract intense public interest, with footage quickly going viral on social media.

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