In collaboration with MediaTek, Samsung has introduced a new smart TV, called the Samsung 8K QLED Y21. The 8K TV comes with Wi-Fi 6E enablement as its main highlight, making it the world’s first smart TV to get one. The MediaTek MT7921AU powers the new Samsung smart TV, and that’s why the TV supports Wi-Fi 6E, as per a press release. It is also compatible with Bluetooth version 5.2, again for better connectivity. With Wi-Fi 6E, people will be able to watch content in a faster way, that too, without interruptions.

It is suggested that Wi-Fi 6E is made to use the “uncongested” bandwidth in the 6GHz spectrum for “faster multi-gigabit data, lower latencies and the latest security and connection reliability features.”

Jerry Yu, MediaTek Corporate Senior Vice President and General Manager of the Intelligent Devices Business Group, in a press release, said, “Consumers depend on fast, reliable connectivity, whether they are using their TV for streaming, gaming or following along with workouts. Our collaboration with Samsung has been instrumental in bringing consumers the latest smart TV technology to support these uses and beyond”.

This comes after both Samsung and MediaTek announced the Wi-Fi 6 enabled 8K TV: the Samsung 8K QLED Y20 last year, a predecessor of the newly launched one.

The aim is to bring forward the combination of better connectivity and a high-grade viewing experience for utmost entertainment at home. With this, MediaTek also aims to lead the premium smart TV segment globally.

However, we lack more details on the new Samsung smart TV. Plus, information on its price and availability remains unknown too.

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