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At the Safer with Google India event, Google shed light on some of its steps to ensure those using its services can continue to do so with minimal risk of being troubled by cybercriminals. At the event, Google brought up the JioPhone Next, a budget smartphone developed in collaboration with Reliance Jio that’s set to be launched in September, and also introduced its Safety Center with support for multiple Indian languages as well as the ‘Be Internet Awesome’ microsite to educate children about the threats they may face online.

JioPhone Next to get the latest Android releases, security updates

First announced at the Reliance AGM in June, the JioPhone Next will sell starting 10 September and is billed as an ‘ultra-affordable 4G smartphone’. During the announcement, Reliance chairman Mukesh Ambani had said the smartphone would be “amongst the most affordable smartphones not just in India, but even globally.”

During today’s Safer with Google India event, Sameer Samat, VP – Android and Play at Google, said that while the JioPhone Next’s affordability will make it widely accessible, privacy and security will be key to securing the trust of scores of buyers who will be owning and using a smartphone for the very first time.

Samat mentioned the JioPhone Next will have the capabilities of a premium smartphone but will also have an enhanced focus on user security, as it will receive the latest Android software releases and security updates and feature malware protection.

“These capabilities are going to be a first for any device in this category,” added Samat.
Google CEO Sundar Pichai has also previously confirmed the JioPhone Next will have language and translation features as well as “a great camera.”

Google’s Be Internet Awesome microsite for kids

With the number of children logging onto their computers spiraling during the COVID-19 pandemic, they’re also left vulnerable to several threats online. To educate them about these threats and help them identify potentially troublesome encounters, Google has introduced a microsite named ‘Be Internet Awesome.

This site features quick pointers on dangers kids need to look out for online, handy security guides for families and educators, and ‘Interland,’ an interactive game that teaches children the importance of aspects like setting a strong password and dealing with malicious emails and more.

Updated Google Safety Center introduced in multiple Indian languages.

Google has also rolled out a comprehensive update for its Google Safety Center microsite, which now offers users in India a choice of five languages – Hindi, Marathi, Kannada, Malayalam, and Telugu. Support for three more local languages will be added towards the end of 2021.

The Google Safety Center is essentially a one-stop guide for users to implement the safety measures in place for every Google app and service. Let’s customize their privacy and security settings for the same.

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