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Reliance to give a major boost to India’s digital ecosystem, roll out True5G developer program

Mukesh Ambani, the Chairman of Reliance Industries, unveiled the Jio True5G developer program during the 46th Annual General Meeting on August 28th. This initiative combines the power of their 5G network, edge computing, and various applications and services.

Ambani also introduced the Jio True5G lab, aiming to accelerate industry transformation by leveraging the capabilities of the Jio True5G suite.

Under the True 5G platform, Ambani explained that companies can control and customize their network slices as needed, deploy their applications on Jio’s multi-access edge computing locations, and access a diverse ecosystem of partner applications within a single suite.

During his address, Ambani emphasized, “We’re constructing a revolutionary platform that will revolutionize how Indian enterprises, small businesses, and tech startups engage with the digital realm.”

The Chairman highlighted that enterprises will gain access to advanced network slicing options, allowing them to establish and optimize network slices regularly. This, in turn, will enhance their network resource management.

Ambani elaborated, “This accelerates innovation, shortens time-to-market, and reduces costs.” He added, “Through the Jio True5G marketplace, our partners can seamlessly integrate their offerings and create customized solutions tailored to specific requirements.”

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