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Oppo showcases new Air Glass 3 XR glasses to take on Meta Smart Glasses, powered by their own AI

At the ongoing Mobile World Congress, Chinese smartphone manufacturer Oppo revealed a prototype of its new Air Glass 3, the latest version of its smart glasses. Oppo’s Air Glass series is their take on smart glasses designed for virtual reality.

Like Meta’s Ray-Ban Smart Glasses, these glasses show real-time information through a colorful display integrated into the lens.

Compared to its previous model, the Air Glass 2, which was lightweight at 38 grams, the new Air Glass 3 is slightly heavier at 50 grams. Oppo mentions that these glasses can be connected to smartphones and utilize their own AndesGPT AI model.

For now, these glasses are only available in China. Oppo claims that their AI-powered voice assistant can help users with tasks like searching for information and assisting in travel planning.

Like its predecessor, the Air Glass 3 resembles regular glasses and introduces a new resin waveguide to minimize rainbow effects when light passes through. It boasts a peak brightness of 1,000 nits and automatically adjusts brightness. The glasses also feature four microphones for better noise isolation and can connect to Oppo phones running on Color OS 13 or later. Users can activate the AI voice assistant by tapping the glasses’ temple.

Besides AI features, the smart glasses can play music, make voice calls, and display information. In future updates, Oppo intends to introduce navigation, timer, translation, and fitness features. However, it’s uncertain if the Air Glass 3 will remain a prototype like its predecessors.

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