Although the terms ‘Artificial Intelligence and ‘Machine Learning have been around for years, these are buzzwords for most people who do not have a vested interest in these technologies. Now though, people will be able to see just how powerful these tech tools can be, all thanks to DALL-E, OpenAI’s image generator.

Until now, access to OpenAI’s image synthesis tool, DALL-E, was restricted by an invitation system. Today, the platform has opened up the device for everyone. That means anyone can sign up and use it.

DALL-E is a deep learning image synthesis model trained on hundreds of millions of images pulled from the Internet. It uses a latent diffusion technique to learn associations between words and images. As a result, DALL-E users can type in a text description or a textual prompt and see it rendered visually as a 1024×1024 pixel image in almost any artistic style the user chooses.

Apart from generating images from textual cues, DALL-E also includes a feature called “Outpainting,” which allows you to upload an image and extend its borders using image synthesis. You can also merge several photos by generating a visual bridge between them.

In April this year, OpenAI premiered DALLE-2, which impressed a test audience of 200 researchers with its ability to generate near-photorealistic images and imitate the styles of various artists across epochs and generations. After gradually opening up to more users and placing a pricing model in July, more than 1.5 million users worldwide are using DALL-E 2 to create more than 2 million images daily, according to OpenAI.

DALL-E is a commercial service, and it comes with some significant limitations. New users get 50 free credits, and you can purchase credits in groups of 115 for $15. Signing up requires providing a phone number in addition to other information. OpenAI owns images generated with DALL-E. Still, the company grants users exclusive rights to “reproduce and display” their generations as long as they comply with the content policy.

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