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OpenAI strikes deal with Reddit to scrub content, use posts in ChatGPT answers

OpenAI and Reddit have joined forces in a groundbreaking partnership announced on Thursday. This collaboration will see OpenAI integrate posts from Reddit’s boards into its ChatGPT platform, while Reddit will bring some of OpenAI’s AI-powered features to its users.

Both companies expressed excitement about leveraging this synergy to enhance the understanding and visibility of Reddit content, particularly on trending topics, in a joint statement.

As part of the agreement, OpenAI will also become an advertising partner on Reddit, marking a significant step in their strategic alignment.

While the financial terms of the deal were not disclosed, this move mirrors Reddit’s previous partnership with Google, reportedly valued at $60 million earlier this year.

OpenAI’s recent trend of forging partnerships with publishers highlights the extent to which the platform is willing to search for diverse data sources to engage continually refine its AI models.

Deals with organizations like the Financial Times, Dotdash Meredith, and Axel Springer have facilitated access to valuable content for training purposes.

Through the integration of Reddit’s Data API, OpenAI gains access to real-time, structured, and unique content from the platform, which should enrich its dataset for training its AI model. However, the specific AI-powered features that Reddit plans to implement due to this collaboration remain undisclosed.

The partnership comes amid Reddit’s evolving stance on data access. Earlier, the platform faced backlash for charging developers to use its API, which led to the closure of several third-party Reddit clients and protests by various Redditors and subreddits.

Reddit justified its actions back then by highlighting the need to monetize its data and address concerns about unauthorized scraping by large AI companies.

By entering into agreements with tech giants like Google and OpenAI, Reddit has pivoted towards monetizing its data while ensuring responsible access for AI model training.

As OpenAI and Reddit embark on this innovative collaboration, the future holds promise for AI-powered discussions that harness the collective intelligence of Reddit’s vibrant community.

With access to real-time insights and structured content, both companies aim to unlock new possibilities in AI-driven interactions and information dissemination on a global scale.

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