OnePlus has introduced a new Clipt app that allows users to transfer media from their smartphones to laptops or tablets. As per the official blog post, the app is developed by OneLab, which the company recently introduced. The new Clipt app acts as a bridge between a smartphone and a laptop or tablet. With this, people can easily copy texts from a phone and paste them to a laptop. This mimics the concept of the Google Clipboard app to copy-paste texts. Apart from the written content, Clipt allows people to share photos and files with the help of Google Drive.

The app will prove helpful when users need to share content between their phones and laptops without the need for a long process. This will especially be helpful in the current work-from-home situation.

For the app to work, users need to ensure two things. Download the app on both the smartphone and laptop/tablet and log into their Google account from both the devices.

All this will be done by keeping users’ security and privacy in mind. OnePlus suggests that the app will only read and write the content that is meant to be copied. The other content on Google Drive will be away from the app’s reach. The app will include the last 10 files that have been shared by users and will be auto-deleted to save storage and ensure privacy.

The Clipt app is available for Android users via the Google Play Store and as a Chrome Extension via the Chrome Store. It is soon to be made available for iOS users.

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