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Not just EVs, Min. Nitin Gadkari plans to fight pollution with biofuels, alt fuels; unveils new green roadmap

In today’s Rajya Sabha session, Minister of Road Transport and Highways Nitin Gadkari presented a comprehensive address shedding light on the escalating issue of vehicle pollution in India.

The minister outlined key strategies involving hydrogen-driven and electric vehicles to combat the rising carbon footprint.

Nitin Gadkari said, “The emission of CO2 in our country is indeed from the transport sector, and it is increasing day by day, this is a matter of concern. Every year, Three hundred thirty metric tons of CO2 emission is dangerous. Eighty-five percent of the fuel in our country is imported fossil fuel, and the cost of import is Rs 16 lakh crore. This is a severe problem from the point of view of both economics and pollution, and it is petrol and diesel which need to be made special. The Indian government has made many efforts to address the pollution discussed here and has given it priority.”

He added, “India was earlier in 5th position in automobile manufacturing, but today our number has become 3rd. First is America, second is China, then we are. We also defeated Japan in this. But one thing is also that its growth rate has also increased. Total vehicles account for 9.91 percent, and cars and four-wheelers account for 20 percent. And this industry is giving maximum GST to the Government of India and State Government, and 4.5 crore jobs have been created here.”

The Minister articulated the Indian government’s concerted efforts to address the pollution challenge, placing it a top priority. Despite being the third-largest automobile manufacturer globally, with a commendable growth trajectory, Gadkari acknowledged a slowdown in the industry’s growth rate.

The automobile sector, encompassing cars and four-wheelers, contributes significantly to the nation’s GST revenue and supports 4.5 crore jobs.

Gadkari demonstrated the government’s dedication to sustainable mobility and environmental responsibility by expressing satisfaction with ongoing experiments involving various alternative fuels.

As the nation grapples with the dual challenge of economic growth and environmental preservation, Gadkari’s address signaled a decisive move towards a greener and more sustainable future for India’s transportation sector.

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