Noise has launched its touch-enabled Bluetooth neckband Noise Flair, which, as the company states, is the first of its kind in India. The device comes at the price of Rs 1,799 and has been launched exclusively with Amazon Specials. As per the press release, the neckband features Qualcomm’s Environmental Noise Cancellation (ENC) and smart magnetic controls. It can fully charge in 40 minutes, and as per the company, with just 8 minutes of charging, it can work for 8 hours.

The touch-enabled feature on Noise Flair performs several functions, including charging tracks, playing or pause music, and call-related functions. It can also activate Siri and Google Assistant. It has an advanced dual-microphone system with Swiftcaller technology for sophisticated audio quality.

Commenting on the launch of Noise Flair, the co-founder of Noise Gaurav Khatri said, “It is the right fit for the unstoppable consumers who want to move ahead with the flexible design and comfy earbuds powered with touch technology. As the audio needs of Indians continually evolve owing to the ongoing work-from-home situation, we aim to deliver tech-driven solutions to our consumers to keep up with their audio demands.”

The first-ever touch-enabled Bluetooth neckband is made of environmentally friendly products. It is made of toxin-free food-grade silicone. The press release states that it is an effort of the brand towards its commitment to sustainability. The latest neckband is available in four colors, namely white, black, blue, and green.

Water resistance is another feature powered by IPX5 water resistance. It has a 10-meter wireless range.

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