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Nikon India recently showcased the latest camera in their line of mirrorless cameras, the Z 30. The legacy camera maker is positioning the compact mirrorless camera as the ideal camera for vloggers and the gateway camera for amateur content creators who feel their smartphone cameras limit them and want to get into serious filmmaking.

The Z 30 is compact and easily portable for the backpack or handbag, making it perfect for vloggers or a content creator’s essential everyday carry kit. The camera comes with its prominently placed built-in microphone, a movie-record indicator light – the REC lamp that notifies of recording in progress, auto switch to self-portrait mode.

Speaking of the Z 30’s showcase, Sajjan Kumar, Managing Director of Nikon India, said, “We are pleased to showcase our feature-packed, compact, and lightweight newest Z 30 mirrorless camera designed specifically for young content creators, vloggers, and streamers. Z 30 is the epitome of creativity and is poised to attract the interest of young and ardent photography enthusiasts. We are confident that our new Nikon Z 30 allows creators to produce video content that gets noticed easily.”

Despite its small form factor, the device packs a serious punch, mainly because it has some features that may make its potential switch over to a full-fledged camera instead of relying on smartphones. For starters, it uses Nikon’s Z-mount, which allows content creators to go for a wide range of lenses and try their hands at some severe filmmaking.

Secondly, the 20.9MP APS-C sensor allows vloggers and content creators with much more pixels and resolution to play with than even the best camera phones can provide. Furthermore, you don’t have to deal with pixel binning; you get much bigger pixels and a much better dynamic range, which would make post-production or editing of your videos much more fun.

The Z 30 is capable of up to 4K videos at 30FPS, without cropping, and can shoot at 1080p at up to 120FPS. Taking cinematic shots with this camera sure ought to be fun.

It also increases the scope of what you can do in editing exponentially. The APS-C sensor comes with a 1.5X zoom-in factor over a full-frame sensor so that users can get better zoomed-in and tighter framing of their subjects.

One of the best things about the Z 30 is its ability to shoot constantly for 125 minutes, provided you don’t run out of storage. Try doing that with any smartphone and see what issues you run into.

The Nikon Z 30 starts at Rs 59,895 for the body only. For a basic starter kit, that is, the body, a 16-50mm f3.5-6.3, and a 64GB UHS-I SD Card, you’ll need to shell out about Rs. 73,495.

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