Netflix will soon be launching its ad-supported tier across the world. If specific reports are to be believed, the streaming giant will launch its ad-supported subscription plan sometime in January 2023.

Recent reports suggest that Netflix’s upcoming ad-supported tier might not include a popular feature.

The streaming giant doesn’t plan to let subscribers download content for offline viewing on its ad-supported tier. Netflix won’t allow customers to download TV shows and movies to their devices unless they pay for a more expensive subscription.

The removal of the download feature from what will likely become Netflix’s cheapest plan was discovered by a developer, Steve Moser, looking into the company’s iPhone code, according to Bloomberg. Moser also found that you will not be able to skip over ads or use playback controls while ads are running, the report said.

Netflix is still deciding how to launch its lower-priced ad-supported tier and has nothing further to share now.

However, what we do know so far about the ad-supported subscription plan from Netflix, is that they will be partnering with Microsoft and using their services to help deliver the commercials in their video streaming service.

They have also pledged to minimize the intrusions into personal privacy that often accompany digital ads.

Netflix announced it would abandon its resistance to ads after disclosing it had lost 200,000 subscribers during the first three months of the year amid stiffer competition and rising inflation that has pressured household budgets, causing management to realize the time had come for a less expensive option.

Netflix may have been one of the most prominent players in the OTT space some time ago, but these days, the number of OTT platforms worldwide has grown exponentially. These players have been able to chip away at Netflix’s subscriber base. There is also the fact that several countries have a number of their private players in this space which is competitively priced.

Netflix hasn’t revealed the price point at which they will launch their ad-based tier. It will likely be similar to what the American streaming service Hulu does, around $5.99 a month. Of course, in specific Asian markets, it will be cheaper.

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