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Microsoft Toying With OpenAI: Plans on starting a new AI service with a different company

Microsoft is gearing up to launch a fresh version of Databricks software. This nifty software is all about assisting customers in crafting AI applications for their businesses. The inside scoop comes from folks in the know about the plan.

Given Microsoft’s investment in OpenAI, this is a bit puzzling, as collaborations such as these are likely to hurt OpenAI’s prospects.

The development was first reported in an article by The Information.

Databricks is a data analytics platform that taps into the power of artificial intelligence. Microsoft is planning to sell this through its Azure cloud-server division. This tech wizardry helps companies create AI models from scratch or repurpose open-source ones. As mentioned in the report, it’s like a clever way to sidestep using OpenAI’s proprietary models.

Back in July, Microsoft spilled the beans on its ambitious spending plan. They’re going all out to cater to the demand for their AI services. They’re sprinkling AI magic across their products like Azure, Microsoft 365, GitHub, and a bunch of developer tools. It’s all part of their grand plan.

In January this year, Microsoft announced it would invest another 10 billion dollars in OpenAI on top of what it had already invested and strengthen its commitment to seeing its AI bots go mainstream.

Microsoft hoped that OpenAI’s ChatGPT would be developed to allow them to integrate the AI chatbot across various programs that Microsoft offers, including the Office suite and the Bing search engine.

Microsoft for long has hoped that with ChatGPT, they can revolutionize internet searches and how people browse the web in a manner that Google hasn’t been able to crack so far, and in the process, dethrone Google as the de facto search engine and Chrome as the de facto web browser.

Furthermore, Microsoft has also allocated OpenAI with a supercomputer dedicated to training and developing OpenAI’s GPT large language models.

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