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Meta, LG to develop mixed reality headset to take on the Apple Vision Pro, launch next year

Meta and LG are in talks to collaborate on developing a mixed reality headset, possibly named the Meta Quest Pro 2, to compete with Apple’s recently launched Vision Pro.

According to a report by The Korea Economic Daily, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg is set to meet with LG CEO Choo Joo-Wan to finalize the partnership details, leveraging LG’s hardware expertise and Meta’s software prowess.

The report suggests that Meta and LG are exploring integrating LG’s smart home appliance operating system, ‘webOS,’ into the new headset. At the same time, Meta plans to provide LG with AI technologies for users to control appliances via voice-enabled chatbots.

An official announcement of their partnership is anticipated in a few days

Although Meta dominates the VR gaming niche, the Apple Vision Pro offers superior productivity features. This development contradicts previous rumors of Meta discontinuing its Quest Pro lineup to focus on more affordable VR products.

Recently, Mark Zuckerberg asserted that the Meta Quest 3 surpasses the Apple Vision Pro in terms of comfort, performance, and library offerings, deeming it the “better product.” However, while this may hold somewhat, the Apple Vision Pro has an advantage in app availability and screen resolution.

While current Quest Pro models already feature hand-tracking capabilities, Zuckerberg confirmed that upcoming Quest products will incorporate eye-tracking technology.

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