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Mahindra Thar.e: From India launch date to features, here’s everything you need to know

Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. dropped a massive bomb by unveiling its Thar—e concept at their FutureScape event in Cape Town.

From the looks of it and how Mahindra is hyping this vehicle up, the Thar. e won’t be your conventional EV. It also won’t be a simple electrification of the regular ICE Thar. They are building this one from the ground up as part of their Born Electric lineup. The Mahindra Thar. e is going five-door style, and they’re throwing in a spanking new Mahindra logo to keep things fresh.

Do note that the Thar. e is still a concept and will likely change much before it is officially launched.

Mahindra Thar.e: New platform
The Thar EV isn’t going the traditional route like its gas-guzzling sibling. Instead, it’s riding on Mahindra’s sleek INGLO (India GLObal) electric platform, code-named P1. This platform, which already supports a bunch of other electric SUVs, uses this excellent skateboard setup with a flat battery sandwiched between the wheels. This chassis is modular so that they can customize the wheelbase, length, and height. With the Thar.e, they’re stretching that wheelbase to be somewhere between 2,775mm and 2,975mm, adding some length right up front, between the firewall and the hub of the front wheel.

Mahindra Thar.e: Design
The Thar. e is going pretty aggressively with the styling for this one. It’s shedding its traditional vibes for some futuristic flair. LED headlamps that are more on the square side, a glossy black nose that’s upright and proud, plus a rugged steel front bumper. On the sides, they’ve added an extra pair of doors, making this ride look all stretched out and fancy. It also gets some pretty large alloy wheels housed in large, squared-out wheel arches. They have also put the spare wheel on the tailgate and a pair of dazzling LED tail lamps.

Mahindra Thar.e: Cabin
Hopping inside, the Thar. e is all about the driver experience. They’ve packed in 75 sounds, from when you crack the door open to when you’re toggling through the various drive modes. Musical maestro A R Rahman himself has curated all of these sounds. For the more adventurous sort of people, who will be taking this beast for some muddy off-roading, there’s a water hose inside the cabin to help them clean it up.

Mahindra Thar.e: Drivetrain and battery
Regarding power, Mahindra is teaming up with some big names. Initially, they will be sourcing batteries and motors from BYD for the XUV.e8, but for the Thar.e, they’ve got their eyes on Volkswagen’s powerful motors.

These motors are currently pumping out 80kW for the front wheels and 210kW for the rear wheels, but those power numbers might not be set in stone. And let’s talk torque – we’re looking at a healthy 135Nm for the front and a whopping 535Nm for the rear, all kicking in right when you touch the accelerator. With that much twist on tap, Mahindra believes there’s no need for a low-range transfer case.

As for the battery, the Thar. e will be using the same one as their other INGLO SUVs. The popular choice seems to be the 60kWh battery. But if you’re aiming for more range, Mahindra’s got you covered with the beefier 80kWh option. According to their estimates, this one should give you a solid driving range of roughly 435km to 450km following the WLTP cycle. If you opt for the smaller battery pack, you’re probably considering cruising around 325km on a full charge.

Mahindra Thar.e: India launch and pricing
Mahindra keeps details around its launch under wraps, but there are enough facts to make a calculated guess.

Their spanking new EV factory will be up and ready by March 2024. But, considering their jam-packed launch schedule that goes all the way to 2026, when the BE.07 is set to be launched, don’t hold your breath for the Thar. e to show up soon. If lucky, we should get to see one sometime in 2025. Otherwise, 2026 is the year we would bet on,

As for the price, be prepared to shell out some perfect money. Commodities for everything that goes into making an EV are getting more expensive by the day, so there’s no telling what it would be priced at.

Mahindra’s not just giving us the Thar.e; they’re electrifying their ICE vehicle lineup too. And they’re bringing in the musical magic of A R Rahman to the party, with 75 unique sounds gracing all their upcoming EVs. And remember that copper twin peak logo? It’s getting saved for the XUV400 – the rest of the gang is rolling with a fresh new unveiled logo.

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