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To support a superior remote learning experience, Lenovo has launched its smart learning solution called ‘Lenovo Aware’ for consumers. It will be available pre-bundled with the latest generation of IdeaPad Slim 3i and IdeaPad Slim 5i laptops.

Lenovo recently surveyed virtual education, which brought out various challenges parents had regarding their children’s learning experiences in remote mode due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The challenges pertained to doubts regarding the effectiveness of online learning, constant monitoring that was required for kids specifically, and the excess use of laptops leading to excessive screen time and body posture concerns.

To address the learning challenges in the digital education model, Lenovo Aware aims to support a superior remote learning experience to help students remain focused and motivated while engaged in online classes. This will help students improve their digital well-being while parents too will be at ease with their children’s learning patterns.

Talking about the software, Dinesh Nair, Head of Consumer Business, Lenovo India, said, “After the onset of the pandemic, the need for infrastructure for remote learning significantly increased. Our ‘Lenovo Aware’ software is built to help provide parents and guardians with insights into their child’s online engagement, class productivity, and digital well-being to help them track wins and areas of improvement”.

Lenovo Aware uses the PC’s built-in camera to detect a person’s eye contact with the device and body language. The software reminds users to correct their posture while sitting in front of the screen and take a break from the screen to rest their eyes via audio alerts and pop-up notifications.

Users can activate the software within Lenovo Vantage. By opting in through the settings in Lenovo Aware, users can manually activate all the features.

Other software features include a distance reminder that detects the distance between the user’s face and the PC screen to prevent too much closeness to the screen that can affect eyesight.

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