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Jio AirFiber, and Jio Smart Home devices to launch on September 19, 2023

Reliance Jio is set to launch its Jio AirFiber service commercially on September 19, aiming to tap into the untapped Indian home segment and boost revenue growth.

This Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) service will enable Jio to extend its home broadband offerings with a potential of up to 150,000 daily connections.

How AirFiber will connect India to the Internet
Jio AirFiber utilizes its nationwide 5G network and advanced wireless technologies, eliminating the need for traditional last-mile fiber connections.

Mukesh Ambani, Chairman of Reliance Industries Limited (RIL), stated that while the existing optical fiber network allowed them to connect about 15,000 premises daily, introducing Jio AirFiber would elevate this capacity to 150,000 daily connections. This substantial increase expands their target market over the next three years to encompass more than 200 million high-paying homes and premises.

Ambani noted that JioFiber already serves around 10 million customers, and the optical fiber network spans an impressive 1.5 million kilometers.

5G, Made by Jio in India, for India
Jio emphasized that its 5G rollout relies on its proprietary 100 percent in-house developed 5G stack, incorporating advanced features like Standalone 5G architecture, Carrier Aggregation, Network Slicing, and sophisticated Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning capabilities.

This stack is designed to seamlessly integrate with equipment from other global vendors, ensuring compatibility and optimization.

Jio’s range of 5G radios caters to various scenarios, from tiny cells to large tower-based radios, covering indoor and outdoor usage scenarios. Ambani also highlighted the company’s commitment to innovation, noting their position as one of the early adopters of 6G capabilities.

Additionally, Jio has been actively filing global patents for digital technologies, indicating its transition from a telecom operator to a technology-driven company.

In the coming years, Jio plans to leverage its indigenous technology stack to drive value creation and revenue growth, not just within India but also on the global stage.

Making Indian Homes Bright announces a bunch of Smart Home devices.
Jio also introduced Smart Home devices based on JioFiber and Jio AirFiber. The company unveiled a new Jio Set-Top Box, serving as a gateway to a diverse range of entertainment, from TV channels and streaming content to large-screen games and digital apps. The new Jio Smart Home app provides features such as a remote for the Jio Set-Top Box and even the ability to use a smartphone as a gamepad. The Jio Set-Top Box is compatible with JioCinema and JioTV+, along with leading global streaming apps.

Akash Ambani, Chairman of Reliance Jio, highlighted the significance of indoor data consumption, which accounts for over 80% of data usage in India. He introduced Jio Smart Home services, aiming to redefine home experiences and management.

Akash further noted that the entertainment landscape is rapidly shifting from linear formats to interactive experiences, and Jio is at the forefront of this transformation in India. The Jio Set-Top Box supports JioCinema and JioTV+, along with prominent global streaming apps.

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