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iPhone 14 vs iPhone 13: What are the differences in pricing and specifications?


Apple recently launched four new iPhone 14 models at its recent ‘Far Out’ event. The iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max have been officially unveiled in several countries, including India.

However, in the aftermath of the launch of the iPhone 14 series, the prices of the iPhone 13 have dropped in India. So let’s compare the vanilla model of the iPhone 14 to the iPhone 13 and see how much has changed.

Apple iPhone 14 vs. iPhone 13

What are the differences?

Regarding the design and build, not much has changed on the new iPhone 14. Unlike the iPhone 14 Pro models, the vanilla iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus have the same notch. The one significant difference here is that the iPhone 14 Plus replaces the iPhone 13 mini and has the same size as the larger iPhone 14 Pro Max. This is an excellent move by Apple, as users who want to buy a large-screen iPhone will not necessarily have to go for the top-end model.

Regarding the display, iPhone 14 is more or less similar to iPhone 13. The iPhone 14 Plus naturally has a more extensive panel but display specifications like the vanilla iPhone 14.

The iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus use the same A15 Bionic chip as the iPhone 13. This was a significant point of contention as it was the first time Apple launched a new iPhone with a previous generation chipset. However, the iPhone 14 has a new, improved modem that offers better connectivity and efficiency. Additionally, Apple’s new Satellite connectivity allows you to send emergency messages on the iPhone 14 by connecting you directly to a Satellite when you are out of range of a cell tower. Lastly, the iPhone 14 also features crash detection to automatically alert emergency services and close contacts if you experience a severe car crash.

While the iPhone 14 does share the same camera specs as the iPhone 13, Apple has made a few upgrades here. The iPhone 14 has two new camera sensors that are said to capture more light and take better shots in low light. Additionally, the primary camera on the iPhone 14 has the same f/1.5 aperture as the iPhone 13 Pro’s primary sensor. The most significant improvement on the iPhone 14 comes on the front with the new 12 MP camera that supports Autofocus. The new selfie camera sensor also offers better low-light photography.

The jury is still out on the battery life of the iPhone 14, although we can’t imagine it will be any different from the iPhone 13. However, the iPhone 14 Plus will come with a larger battery and is said to have the best battery life for any iPhone model.

Is it worth it?

The gap in pricing between the iPhone 13 and iPhone 14 is Rs 10,000 but is it worth it? Judging by the specifications, the iPhone 14 has a few quality-of-life upgrades over the iPhone 13. The main upgrades come on the camera and connectivity fronts. If you spend a lot of your time taking photos and videos, the new iPhone 14 will be worth the upgrade. Additionally, the iPhone 14 Plus now makes a bigger iPhone more accessible, whereas previously, the iPhone Pro Max model was the only choice.

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