Ever since Instagram released music features and reels on the platform, creativity and imagination have reached an entirely different level. Adding to the existing fun bunch, Instagram has released three new music-centric features for users. These features include Discovered on Reels playlist, music GIFs, and Beat dance AR filter.

The ‘Discovered on Reels’ playlist is basically a curation of the most popular songs on Reels. This list will include songs like “Up” by Cardi B, “Put Your Records On” by Ritt Momney, and “Ghalat Fehmi” by Asim Azhar and Zenab Fatimah Sultan, and so on. All you need to do is open the Instagram Stories camera, swipe up just like you do for other stickers and features, select “Music” search for #DiscoveredOnReels.

Instagram has also introduced new, funky GIFs for music. All you need to do is search for #MoreMusicTogether, and you will see several stickers like “Mera Gaana,” “Checkout My Song,” instruments, and more.

Lastly, the photo-sharing platform has also rolled out a new Beat Dance AR filter in collaboration with T-series. All you need to do is tap on this link or visit the T-Series Instagram page, browse their AR effects section, and start shooting. It will randomly choose a song from “Chammak Challo,” “Saki Saki,” “Pappu Can’t Dance,” and more. Once done, you will see AR effects around the object/person in front of the camera, and voila! It works for both rear and front cameras. Notably, this filter was not searchable on the Android or iOS app when writing this copy.

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