Instagram is soon expected to improve its web version with a new much-needed feature. The feature is likely to allow people to post photos and videos via their computer or laptop, which is currently restricted to view-only. In a tweet, renowned app developer Alessandro Paluzzi has suggested that Instagram is internally testing this new functionality. Paluzzi has shared screenshots of how the feature will work. It is expected that users will upload photos or videos by simply dragging and dropping the media from their PC. Instagram for the web might support JPG, PNG, MP4, and QuickTime image/video formats.

Once a photo or video is selected, users can crop it, add the available filters (also seen on the photo-sharing platform’s app version), and even add the location tag or captions. These steps are pretty much like how it happens on the Instagram app.

This new feature might also prove helpful for iPad users as they still don’t have access to a proper Instagram app. Instead, iPads support the iOS app. Until a dedicated Instagram app for iPad is made, the ability to post on the web can suffice.

But, there might be some limitations. People won’t be able to directly click from their PC/laptop to upload on Instagram. They might only get the option to post existing media. Plus, there’s no word on whether or not people will be able to post Instagram Stories and Reels.

Additionally, we don’t know when Instagram plans to make the feature accessible to all.

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