According to an announcement by the company, Instagram’s Link Stickers will now be available to all users on the social media platform. The feature, which allows people to include hyperlinks in their Instagram Stories in the form of stickers, was earlier limited to verified accounts and handled with many followers.

The social media platform had started testing its Link Stickers feature in June this year. Taking note of several users demanding access to the quality, Instagram said it is now making the sticker available to everyone, regardless of their number of followers.

The company said the feature was handy for creators, businesses, and other people in the community, who could use Link Stickers to share information and resources. However, Instagram added that accounts that violate community guidelines and repeatedly share misinformation and hate speech would lose access to the feature.

Regarding the Link Stickers feature, Instagram had said there were no plans to bring quality to the main Instagram feed or other parts of the app in June. The company is still maintaining this stance, according to The Verge.

The sticker has replaced the ‘swipe up’ feature on Instagram, which was earlier used to direct followers to external web pages from the platform. However, in August this year, the company discontinued the part, which was only available to accounts with over 10,000 followers.

Steps to add Link Stickers in Instagram stories:
―    Upload or capture content for your Instagram story
―    Select the sticker tool on the navigation bar at the top of the screen
―    Tap the ‘Link’ sticker to add the link you want and tap the ‘Done’ option
―    Place the sticker on your Instagram story and tap on it to see color variations of the sticker.
―    Post the story with the desired link to enable your followers to view the information you have shared

Instagram is also working on customizing the stickers to “it’s clear what someone will see” when they tap on the link.

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