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Indian government launches new FloodWatch app, users to get real-time flood updates through interactive maps

The Central Water Commission (CWC) Chairman introduced a new mobile application called ‘Floodwatch.’ The primary purpose of this app is to provide real-time flood information and forecasts for up to 7 days to the general public.

The app, developed in-house, is designed to be user-friendly and offers both readable and audio broadcast capabilities. It presents information in both English and Hindi languages. One of the critical app’s key features is its ability to provide real-time flood monitoring. Users can stay updated about the current flood situations across the entire country.

The app utilizes data about river flow that is updated almost in real-time from various sources. This data is then used to provide flood forecasts for the nearest location to the users. Users can easily access flood advisories for the station closest to them by visiting the Home Page.

Another noteworthy feature is the Interactive Map, which allows users to check either the CWC Flood Forecast (for the next 24 hours) or the Flood Advisory (up to 7 days) by directly selecting a station on the map. Alternatively, users can search for the name of a specific station using the search box. Once a station is chosen from the dropdown menu, the map zooms in on its location.

Additionally, the app provides state-wise and basin-wise Flood Forecasts (up to 24 hours) or Flood Advisories (up to 7 days). This information can be accessed by selecting specific stations, states, or basins from the dropdown menu.

During the launch event, Kushvinder Vohra, Chairman of the Central Water Commission, expressed his delight in introducing the FloodWatch app. He explained that the app offers the public real-time flood updates and forecasts. The app is available for free download from the Google Play Store, and its availability on Apple iOS devices is expected soon.

The FloodWatch app employs advanced technologies like satellite data analysis, mathematical modeling, and real-time monitoring to deliver accurate and timely flood forecasts. This app allows users to access crucial information about flood situations nationwide easily. The user-friendly interface ensures that anyone can stay informed and reduce risks during flood incidents.

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