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Have over 2500 verified subscribers on X? Elon will give you Premium features for free

Elon Musk, CEO of X (formerly known as Twitter), unveiled a groundbreaking initiative on Thursday through his official X account. Musk announced that accounts on X with over 2500 verified followers will now receive Premium features for no charge.

Similarly, users with over 5000 followers will have access to features included in the Premium+ package, again, for free.

This bold move by Musk signals a strategic pivot for the platform towards acknowledging and rewarding highly engaged users, thereby nurturing a more dynamic creator community.

X has rolled out a suite of premium features across its Premium and Premium+ tiers, designed to empower creators, influencers, and users with tools for content creation, monetization, and deeper interaction.

The Premium tier offers the Edit Post feature, which allows users a limited window to make alterations to their published content. Subscribers can also surpass the traditional character limit, enabling detailed content sharing of up to 25,000 characters.

Premium members additionally benefit from extended video upload limits, accommodating narratives of up to three hours in duration and 8GB in file size for richer multimedia storytelling. They can also establish communities on X, facilitating connections with individuals who share similar interests.

Meanwhile, Premium+ subscribers enjoy exclusive perks, including the prestigious Blue Checkmark Verification, which symbolizes authenticity and credibility. Through the Ads Revenue Sharing feature, they can also earn a portion of the revenue generated from ads displayed in replies to their content.

Furthermore, Premium+ users can monetize their content by providing subscription-based access to exclusive content, opening up avenues to earn a livelihood on the platform.

Premium and Premium+ tiers promise an enhanced ad-free experience, minimizing interruptions in content consumption. Verified accounts can engage in posts limited to replies from fellow verified accounts, promoting meaningful interactions within the verified community.

Users can verify their accounts with a government-issued ID to bolster security and authenticity. Additionally, premium subscribers gain access to Media Studio to manage uploaded images and videos efficiently. In contrast, Premium+ subscribers unlock X Pro, offering advanced features such as multiple configurable timelines, advanced search capabilities, and contributor management. Premium+ subscribers can also publish long-form written content through the Articles feature, enabling them to share comprehensive stories and insights with their audience.

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