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Have a childlike curiosity about technology, but never been a slave to it: PM Modi to Bill Gates

During his chat with Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, Prime Minister Narendra Modi shared a glimpse of his relationship with technology. The two were keen to learn about each other’s journeys with technology.

When asked about his relationship with technology, Prime Minister Modi revealed that although he is fascinated by technology and is innately curious about all innovations, he has never been bound by it and was never a slave to it.

“I am fascinated by technology. I am curious about it, almost like a child,” said the PM. However, I was never a slave to technology. I always look for the latest tech and advancements, but they do not bind me. My approach is proactive. Whenever I learn of new technology, I am always pondering how to incorporate and utilize it,” he added.

The PM explained how he sees new and emerging technologies and his relationship with technology. “When the world started talking about AI, I started wondering how we incorporate it into our lives,” he said. I also tend to look for technologies’ multifaceted applications and utilities. I have this innate curiosity, maybe a gift from God, to explore and adopt innovations swiftly,” PM Modi added.

PM Modi was also curious about Gates’ journey in tech. He asked the co-founder, who had turned philanthropist, what was the most satisfying moment of his journey as a tech honcho.

“I was lucky to have been born when the chip miracle happened,” began Gates. I got an excellent education. I have an optimistic view. I could drop out of school to take risks, which didn’t seem that dangerous to me,” he said.

“The most exciting thing was seeing people using the technology. I always wanted software out of curiosity. It has been gratifying to see how technology improves people’s lives,” said Gates.

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