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Google wants to move out of Vietnam, into India after Pixel 8 unboxing video leaked before launch

Google might be thinking of moving a significant chunk of its production lines to India from Vietnam after a factory worker in one of their factories leaked a video of the upcoming Google Pixel 8 Pro device.

Moreover, days before the launch an unboxing video of the upcoming Google Pixel 8 has surfaced on X.

Leaks – A double-edged sword
Product details getting leaked before the official launch can be a double-edged sword. While some tech companies have found that regularly spreading certain juicy information is a great way to build hype for an upcoming device, sometimes things need to be revised. Take Google for example.

For years, many tech journalists believe that Google has been leaking details and photos of their devices to the public to create hype around their instruments. However, as per reports, certain insiders at Google fear that the situation is getting out of hand, to the extent that units of inevitable highly anticipated leaks get leaked to tech enthusiasts who are willing to pay, even before Google gets to decide whether they should reveal something to the public or not.

The situation is so rampant that over the last 3-4 years, almost all of Google’s Pixel devices have been leaked to the public days, sometimes weeks before the launch. In fact, for the last 3-4 years, people only watched Google’s Pixel launches to see the prices at which the devices would launch.

Google and Apple’s Move away from China
Given the acrimonious relationship between the US and China, several major tech companies have been diversifying their production lines away from China.

In its China Plus One policy, Apple moved a significant chunk of its production facilities to India. In contrast, Google, which already had production lines in Vietnam before they adopted the China Plus One policy, decided to focus more on Vietnam.

Google manufactures specific components in India, but for some reason, it hasn’t invested in India to the extent other manufacturers have. All that may be set to change.

Advantage India
It seems that India’s manufacturing talent is better at keeping secrets, at least when compared to Vietnam’s. Google and Apple both have suffered some leaks in China, but rarely have they been put in a position where tech enthusiasts and journalists got their hands on a device before launch.

Similarly, tech enthusiasts in India are rarely able to get their hands on a device through unofficial lines before a device is launched or sent for reviews. Even then, embargos are followed strictly.

This will be a primary reason why Google may be contemplating a move to India. Moreover, considering how most major tech manufacturers want to set up factories or production lines in India’s backyard and are attracted by the PLI schemes that the Government of India is offering, Google will be missing out on an ample opportunity if it does not expand its manufacturing capacities in the country.

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