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After Apple, Google has announced that the Play Store will soon require apps to display details about all of their collected user data. The company is planning on implementing this new privacy feature next year. This announcement has been made in conjunction with Apple’s recent privacy policy updates. From 2022 onwards, Google will first show its users the complete details on the kind of data it collects and the confidentiality and security performance that it maintains, mentioning selective cases where it requires access to its users’ private data. This update intends to “develop and strengthen users’ trust in the Play Store,” as per a blog post.

This safety section may include the type of user data collected and stored, for example, contacts, personal information, audios, photos, videos, etc. It may also show how the data is used in terms of app functionality and customization. There may also be information on whether an application uses safety protocols to ensure user privacy (for example, end-to-end chat encryption).

“Google Play will introduce a policy to make it mandatory for the app developers to provide accurate information of the user data accessibility. If any developer is found to be mispresenting the data they’ve provided and violates the new policy of Google, they will be required to fix it immediately within short notice. If there’s non-compliance from any app or its developer, a complaint will be subject to policy enforcement”, stated the blog. The new update is said to follow Google’s family policies. An independent third party will verify the safety section of the app. The apps will allow users to request data deletion if they decide to no longer use the app and uninstall it.

The feature may roll out gradually, giving developers of existing apps time to update their products. In contrast, it may allow them to market their apps on the Play Store only when they follow this new policy update for the new developers.

While the update will be fully functional around mid-2022, it will pass through the pre-announcement phase in the third quarter of this year. By the end of 2021, developers can start declaring the data in the Google Play Store. During the first quarter of 2022, users may see the option on Google Play.

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