Google spent more than $10bn a year to maintain search dominance, says US Government

Attorneys have delivered their initial statements in a groundbreaking antitrust lawsuit targeting the search giant Google. This legal battle can potentially assess the boundaries of corporate influence within the United States.

On a recent Tuesday, in a bustling federal courtroom in Washington, DC, the US Department of Justice asserted that Google leverages its financial resources and sway to suppress competition and uphold its position as the foremost search engine.

Conversely, Google offered the counterargument that internet users overwhelmingly prefer its search engine due to its exceptional quality.

Kenneth Dintzer, the chief litigator from the Department of Justice, pointed out, “Google allocates over $10 billion annually for securing these exclusive positions.”

He elaborated, “Google’s contractual agreements effectively prevent competitors from reaching the same level of search quality and advertising revenue, particularly on mobile devices. This self-reinforcing cycle has persisted for over a dozen years, consistently favoring Google.”

The opening statements signal the initiation of one of the most significant antitrust cases in recent memory and the tone they will take.

Dissenting voices have voiced their apprehensions regarding tech industry monopolies for quite some time. In this sector, a few colossal corporations, including Alphabet, Google’s parent company, wield substantial control over a broad spectrum of the market. Their influence spans popular platforms, data acquisition, and even devices, raising critical concerns.

Google, for instance, maintains an overwhelming share of around 90 percent in the search engine market.

Under President Joe Biden’s administration, there has been a more aggressive stance toward antitrust issues, with the introduction of stringent regulations for mergers involving tech companies in July.

This ongoing case initiated nearly three years ago during the tenure of former President Donald Trump, represents the most ambitious endeavor by the government to tackle the alleged modern tech monopolies.

The legal proceedings are expected to span ten weeks, featuring testimonies from high-ranking executives of companies like Google and Apple. Judge Amit Mehta is not likely to render a decision until next year, and should the ruling go against Google, it could lead to another trial to explore measures for restraining the company.

During Tuesday’s proceedings, Google’s attorney, John Schmidtlein, contended that users can switch to a different search engine with “a few simple clicks.” However, he argued that users continue to opt for Google because of its convenience and quality.

On the other hand, the Justice Department’s legal team alleged that Google had exploited its considerable influence to impose its will on other companies.

Google’s parent company, Alphabet, boasts 182,000 employees and a staggering valuation of approximately $1.7 trillion.

Kenneth Dintzer, representing the Justice Department, asserted that Alphabet entered into revenue-sharing agreements with Apple, with the condition that Google be designated as the default search engine on all Apple devices.

“This isn’t a negotiation,” Dintzer emphasized. “This is Google dictating terms: Take it or leave it.”

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