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Google rolls out ‘Super Thanks’ for YouTube creators to earn revenue in a new way

Google has made it even simpler for YouTube creators to monetize their channels. The platform, which offers content creators monthly subscriptions, Super Stickers, and Super Chat to generate revenue, has added a fourth option—Super Thanks.

Currently, in Beta, the “Paid Digital Good”, as Google calls it, allows viewers to applaud their favourite creators with a small donation. Super Stickers and Super Chat only work on live chat and live streams, but Super Thanks is eligible across all video uploads.

You can tip your favourite creator at launch by clicking on the Thanks icon under the channel name and selecting a donation amount. This amount is fixed between Rs 40 and Rs 1,000, but YouTube product manager of paid digital goods Barbara Macdonald told The Verge they would be looking to add custom amounts in the future.

The viewers who donate will see an expressive, animated GIF and get a colourful comment highlighting their donation on the page. Creators will then respond to this comment.

The feature has been in testing for the past year with a select few channels. Google says that one of the channels belonging to Nicholas Ashbaugh could generate a steady revenue stream using the feature that now accounts for 15 per cent of his overall revenue.

Super Thanks, still in Beta, now has a wider roll out to thousands of monetizing creators and viewers in 68 countries on desktop and mobile devices. Creators who are interested in the program can check if they are eligible here.

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