Google plans to start showing TikTok, Instagram and YouTube Shorts videos in search content

Over the years, Google has made some major changes to how it presents search results. Now, Google plans to develop a new feature that will show short video content from TikTok, Instagram, YouTube shorts, and various other platforms. Reports indicate that the new feature will be called the Short Video Filter.

However, it remains to be seen if and when Google will launch this feature to the public.

Details on the development of this were first brought to light through PiunikaWeb. The report revealed that the latest Android Google Search app version includes a new filter labeled “Short Video” alongside the Images filter in the search results interface.

Despite its appearance, clicking on the filter yielded no results, and it subsequently disappeared. This suggests that the feature may be in its early experimental stage and not fully functional.

Given Google’s history of experimenting with various features, whether this feature will be integrated into the app remains to be seen.

This isn’t the first time Google has ventured into enhancing accessibility to short video content.

In 2020, reports suggested that Google was testing a dedicated carousel within the Android platform to consolidate short videos in search results. However, this feature has yet to materialize for public release.

Users searching for short videos on Google often add platform-specific keywords to their search queries, leading to a fragmented experience. If the short video filter is implemented, users can search for videos on any topic across all platforms simply by entering relevant keywords.

In addition to the Short Video filter, Google is reportedly working on another Android feature: a toggle to switch between Google Search and Gemini AI. This toggle would allow users to seamlessly transition to the Gemini AI interface, where they can interact with a chatbot to generate content and perform chatbot-specific tasks.

This feature is reportedly nearing completion and is expected to roll out to users globally in the coming weeks.

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