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Google is helping Bengaluru solve its traffic problem by integrating red lights and AI. Here’s how

While some people swear for their lives that Bengaluru is the best city in India for young working professionals, even the most ardent Bengaluru fan will say that the city’s traffic situation leaves a lot to be desired. Google, through its AI, may have the answer to Bengaluru’s traffic woes.

The internet is filled with memes and, surprisingly, news pieces about how people have reacted in a rather bizarre way while devising solutions to Bengaluru’s crawling traffic.

Enter Google’s Project Green Light, the tech giant’s AI-powered solution that is geared to improve intra-city mobility, reduce transmissions, and reduce how much of their lives people waste while stuck in traffic jams, as per a report by Analytics India Magazine.

In the bustling city of Bengaluru, Google’s groundbreaking initiative is reshaping the landscape of urban traffic management. Google’s Project Green Light will optimize traffic flow at intersections and curb stop-and-go emissions.

The genesis of this innovative project traces back to a casual dinner conversation between Dotan Emanuel, a researcher at Google, and his spouse. Since its inception in 2021, Project Green Light has been on a mission to revolutionize urban mobility while addressing the pressing concerns of climate change.

Leveraging the power of artificial intelligence and insights gleaned from Google Maps data, Project Green Light demonstrates a profound understanding of global road networks.

By modeling traffic patterns and offering intelligent recommendations to city traffic engineers, it aims to streamline traffic flow and mitigate emissions.

Juliet Rothenberg, the product team lead of Climate AI at Google, recently spoke with CBS News about the project’s global impact.

She revealed that Project Green Light is operational in 13 cities worldwide, including Bengaluru, Rio, Hamburg, and Seattle, emphasizing the significance of every red light as an opportunity for optimization.

Early statistics indicate promising results, with a potential reduction of up to 30 percent in stops and a 10 percent cut in emissions at intersections. In the 70 intersections where Project Green Light is already active, this translates to substantial fuel savings and reduced emissions, benefiting millions of commuters monthly.

Project Green Light operates at 70 intersections across 12 cities, including Bengaluru, Hyderabad, and Kolkata.

In Kolkata, the initiative has earned accolades from Vineet Kumar Goyal, the commissioner of police, who praised its role in enhancing traffic efficiency and safety. Since November 2022, Kolkata has implemented Project Green Light’s suggestions at 13 intersections, garnering positive feedback from commuters and traffic personnel alike.

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