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Google has announced that starting with Chrome 91; it is rolling out new features to improve the Enhanced Safe Browsing tool. Google says that the features will improve real-time URL checks and apply machine learning models to warn on previously unknown attacks. It adds protection against downloading malicious files on the web. Google says that users of this feature are phished 35 percent less than other users. First launched in 2020, the Enhanced Safe Browsing can be enabled in Chrome Settings.

Essentially, if you are downloading risky files, the Enhanced Safe Browsing will warn the user while also giving them the option to send the file for a more in-depth scan.

Another new feature with Chrome 91 is going to be protection from risky extensions before installation. When downloading a new file, the Enhanced Safe Browsing will let you know if the extension is a part of their trusted list. Extensions created by following the Chrome Web Store Developer Program Policies will be marked as trusted. The first check happens by Google Safe Browsing using the metadata of the file. When the file is sent for deep-check by the user, then static and dynamic analysis classifiers are scanned by Safe Browsing. If the file appears to be unsafe, users will be given a warning.

In 2020, the number of extensions that Chrome disables to protect users increased by 81 percent. This was possible through the collaboration of Chrome with Google Safe Browsing. The company states that it hopes for more developers to become trusted. Currently, 75 percent of all extensions in the Chrome Web Store are trusted.

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