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Google Bookmarks is officially shutting down.

The 16-year-old Google product that allows people to save bookmarks will no longer be available for use after 30 September. The Google Bookmarks website now has a banner that alerts people of its discontinuation.

The information comes from the ‘Killed by Google’ wing that is a place for all the Google products that have died or will die. However, those who were using the feature must not worry. The Google Bookmarks website now has an option for people to export their saved bookmarks. It is also revealed that people’s browser bookmarks and the marked locations on Google Maps won’t be affected.

A Google spokesperson said, “Starred Locations in Google Maps aren’t going anywhere. All of your starred places remain intact, and you’ll still be able to save places to a list just like you always have”.

The Google Bookmarks functionality was launched 16 years ago as a cloud storage service for people to save bookmarks and more web data for those who don’t know. It allows users to access the saved data via multiple devices. There are features like annotation, notes, and labels for users to sort the saved data.

Google Bookmarks also stores several web and Google Maps data. It also lets you access and manages your web history.

There’s also a JavaScript-powered bookmarklet that allows users to easily and quickly save bookmarks from a browser. Notably, the service is dying as many people aren’t using it.

To recall, Google recently killed Augmented Reality or AR-based Measure app. The app, which allowed people to measure several objects, no longer exists on the Google Play Store.

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