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Google Assistant has got hold of new features, which will help people do many little things in their houses with ease. As per a blog post by the tech giant, there are a total of five new capabilities that can help us big time. Firstly, Google Assistant on iOS can help people find their phones that have gone missing at home. People can ask their Google Nest speakers or smart displays to find their phone by saying, “Hey Google, find my phone.” A notification, along with a ringing sound, will help locate the device. This will be applicable even if the phone is in silent or Do Not Disturb mode.

Another new Google Assistant feature is ordering food online, which is powered by Duplex on the web. People can order food from select restaurants (Google has partnered with) by following simple steps.

All they need to do is search for the restaurants from the Google app on Android, select the ‘Order Online’ option, choose the things you need to order, and head to Checkout. Google Assistant will automatically fill in the details (taken from Google Pay) and complete the process. This is currently available in the US. However, it is expected to reach more countries soon.

You can also set a new sunrise/sunset routine on smart devices. The routines, based on your locations, will help you select time-bound tasks for the devices. For example, you can choose to turn on the lights in the living room in the evening. This can be done by selecting the ‘New’ routine in the Google Home app or Google Assistant settings and tap on the ‘Add Starter’ option under the ‘How to start’ option. You will now see the “Sunrise/sunset,” and you need to add the time and tasks to go about it.

Additionally, there’s now support for Assistant Routines to set suggested routines for your ease.

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