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German telecom company showcases app-less AI smartphone. Is this the future?

Deutsche Telekom, a German telecommunications company and one of Europe’s largest telecommunications providers, has revealed an innovative smartphone concept at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, focusing on artificial intelligence (AI) rather than traditional apps to cater to users’ needs.

Unlike current smartphones heavily reliant on apps for various tasks, Deutsche Telekom’s futuristic concept showcased on the “T-phone” device boasts an app-free user interface developed in collaboration with partners Qualcomm and Brain.

During a keynote presentation, Deutsche Telekom CEO Tim Hoettges emphasized that the reliance on apps will diminish significantly in the coming 5-10 years. “I can tell you that in 5-10 years from now, nobody from us will use apps anymore,” he said.

The concept phone promises AI-driven functionalities such as providing personalized travel recommendations, facilitating purchases based on user preferences, and effortlessly sharing media with contacts.

Deutsche Telekom highlighted that the product aligns with its vision of integrating multi- and crossmodal Large Language Models (LLMs) into devices to simplify and enhance customer experiences.

At MWC, several technology and telecom companies are leveraging AI and introducing new products and concepts that integrate AI in some way or the other. Tech companies are anticipating a positive reception from consumers based on their AI integrations. However, experts caution that AI adoption raises legal and ethical considerations worth addressing.

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