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From iOS 16 to M2-powered MacBook Air: All the major announcements made at Apple WWDC 2022

Apple’s annual WWDC 2022 gave us some cool features across their operating systems. The major overhaul came with iOS 16, where Apple added many new features.

Apple also unveiled the new M2 SoC, their new operating system for Macs, called the macOS Ventura. Along with that, we also get a new MacBook Air and much more. We look at some of the most significant announcements that Apple made at WWDC 2022.

iOS 16’s the customizable lock screen, updated notifications
Apple has brought several changes with the iOS 16. Firstly, there is the revamped and customizable lock screen interface. You can add custom wallpapers and change the font and color for the date and time.

Users can also add new widgets for weather, activity rings, and more. Apple is also changing new updates to modifications. The lock screen also brings Live Activities that lets you pin and manage notifications.

Editable texts and unsendable messages
iOS 16 will allow users to edit messages sent in the Messages app, as long as it is to other iPhones. Users can now also undo sending messages.

Apple has also introduced the ability to mark messages as unread to allow users to organize their notes in a better manner.

Safety check for abuse survivors
Although Apple’s new Safety Check feature is designed to protect individuals in abusive relationships, it is a great tool to keep your privacy and safety in check. The new feature allows users to view and manage who has access to their apps, passwords, and more.

Apple’s widgets coming to your car’s digital instrument cluster
In a significant update to CarPlay, the system now allows for better integration with your vehicle. Now, if your car supports CarPlay, and has a digital instrumental cluster, you can access CarPlay’s widgets on the instrument cluster. This feature will be rolled out worldwide once certain approvals and clearances are in place.

WatchOS 9’s new health-tracking features
Apple has added several new health-tracking features such as new running metrics, atrial fibrillation tracking, and medication reminders.

In addition to all these new features, watchOS 9 also adds four new watch faces.

Fitness app coming to all iPhone users
Apple’s fitness app is now available to all iPhone users, which will take data from the iPhone’s array of sensors. Previously, the app was only available to users who had an Apple Watch and had paired it with their iPhones.

The next generation of M2 Chip
After months of rumors, the next generation of Apple silicon is finally here. Apple says the new M2 chip delivers an 18 percent performance upgrade compared to the M1.

The new generation of processors is so powerful that they can play demanding AAA game titles like Red Dead Redemption II, Cyberpunk, and the lot without many optimizations.

A redesigned MacBook Air with a new M2 Chip
In a relatively rare moment, Apple introduced two new MacBooks at the WWDC. Apple’s new MacBook Air has been upgraded with an M2 SoC. It is also less than half an inch thick and will be available in silver, space grey, starlight, and midnight black colorways.

The new MacBook Air comes with a 13.6-inch display with a much thinner bezel. The new devices start at $1,199.

A new MacBook Pro with M2 Chip
The 13-inch MacBook Pro is also getting an M2 upgrade. The new SoC will support 24GB RAM and up to 2TB storage. The new MacBook Pro with the M2 SoC will have 20 hours of battery life and will also have the Touch Bar. The new MacBook will be available next month and will start at $1,299.

macOS Ventura’s new multitasking tool
Apple’s new macOS 13 Ventura also has an improved multitasking tool called Stage Manager. New updates are also coming to Spotlight and Apple’s Mail app for its Macs.

Apple’s Passkeys replace passwords.
We knew this was coming, given how Big Tech wanted to eliminate passwords for some time, given how unreliable they were. macOS 13 Ventura is adding support for Apple Passkeys in Safari.

This new feature essentially replaces your password and allows users to sign in to various websites with just your iPhone or Mac. For the time being, this hasn’t been integrated into applications and is only limited to Safari.

Using your iPhone as a webcam
No matter how much they try, Apple cannot integrate a high-resolution camera into the bezels of their Macs and MacBooks. They’ve finally allowed macOS users to use their iPhones as a webcam.

Although there were workarounds before using third-party applications, Apple has streamlined the process and made it much more straightforward.

New multitasking and collaborating features in iPadOS 16
iPadOS 16 has many new features that focus on collaboration and multitasking. The new features let users work within Office apps such as Pages and get a handy new whiteboard tool called Freedom.

Apple also announced Stage Manager, its new multitasking feature, allowing users to resize and overlap different windows on their iPad. This makes iPads function more like a laptop.

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